How Do K Cups Work

How K Cups Work

how k cups work

I always enjoy knowing how things work internally and that fascination continues on to figuring out how k cups work. Every k cup contains a filter made of paper that is fused inside of the k cup. During the production process  every k-cup is filled with coffee, hot chocolate, or tea and sealed with the airtight foil lid.

In order to take these components and make a cup of coffee you take the k cup and place it into your Keurig coffee maker and place a mug on the small platform blow your the Keurig brewing head. Press down the start button (which size cup depends what button on some Keurig machines), and activate the brewing machine. When you close the Keurig on to the k cup small holes are punctured in to the bottom and the top of the kcup. You will probably hear the machine begin to pump the water through the heating system and then into the k-cup. Eventually you will have your hot beverage coming out of your Keurig-brewing system and into your mug. Assuming your water reservoir has sufficient water the Keurig machine will begin to heat the water for your next cup.