How To Work A Keurig

How To Work A Keurig

how to work a keurig
how to work a keurig

Assuming you’ve pulled the Keurig machine out of the packaging and have it sitting where you want to keep it you’ll want to start buy plugging it in to a wall outlet.

»Before you begin using your k cups you will want to first perform the initial cleaning brew.

  1. Remove the adhesive tape you can find on the Keurig machine,  unwrap the the electrical cord and plug it into a grounded (GFI) outlet.
  2. Remove the water reservoir cover and place it to the side. Remove the water reservoir by lifting it up and away from the Keurig brewer.
  3. Take the water reservoir to your sink and wash it out a couple of times, then fill it up to the line on the side of the reservoir.
  4. In the same motion that you removed the water reservoir from the machine reverse it and re-install it. Make sure the lock tabs on the inside of the water reservoir lock back into your Keurig brewer and replace the lid on the reservoir.
  5. Take a large mug that is at least 8 ounces and place it on your drip tray underneath the nozzle.
  6. Press the power button on the right side of the brewing panel. When you turn on the machine the Keurig will automatically heat up the water, it should only take around 4 minutes. You want to avoid lifting your brewing handle while the water is heating up.
  7. Before you put a k cup into the machine you will need to run an initial cleansing brew. Once the water has heated up press the button that indicates a small mug. Once the water is finished coming out of the machine discard the water into your sink. After you’ve run the water the machine will take about 15 seconds to heat the next batch of water.

And that’s how to work a keurig